MastiGum: Zvyšuje produkciu testosterónu kvalitný zinok v masticovej živici?

MastiGum: Does the high-quality zinc in mastic resin boost testosterone production?

Testosterone is primarily a male sex hormone, but a small amount is also essential for the proper function of the female body. Testosterone influences many other body processes beyond appearance, libido, and prostate function.

Testosterone significantly affects energy levels, endurance, motivation, fat storage, muscle mass, and cognitive functions. It also plays a substantial role in mental health and mood. 1,2,3

Image 1: Zinc - an essential element for human health


Zinc is essential for the proper function of more than 300 enzymes that assist in metabolism, digestion, and the proper functioning of the nervous system. This mineral is crucial for DNA production, protein synthesis, and cell growth. 4

Zinc is an essential mineral for both sexes, but it is essential for men. Zinc plays a pivotal role in testosterone production. Some studies have found that zinc intake can increase the level of free testosterone. 5


Image 2: A study examined the impact of zinc + magnesium (ZMA) supplementation on free testosterone levels. After seven weeks of supplementation, there was a 32% increase in free testosterone levels.


Zinc is also essential for the function of the immune system, growth and development, reproduction, skin health, and mental well-being. 6,7

Symptoms of zinc deficiency include hair loss, brittle nails, acne, weakened immune system, irritability, and depression.

According to WHO data, 30-70% of the population is deficient in this mineral. 8

Image 3: Zinc content in natural resins and commercial chewing gums. 1. Pistacia lentiscus (mastic resin); 2. Pistacia terebinthus (resin); 3. Pinus halepensis (resin); 4. Elma (chewing gum); 5. Orbit (chewing gum); 6. Trident (chewing gum).

A 2010 study found that mastic resin is rich in high-quality zinc, which is absorbed by the body during chewing up to 70%! 9



Mastic resin is an excellent source of high-quality zinc, which boosts testosterone production, thus improving protein synthesis, muscle growth and recovery, the immune system, and mental health.

If you feel that your testosterone level might be lower or want to increase your testosterone levels naturally, MastiGum (the best pieces of mastic resin for chewing) is the ideal solution for you!


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