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BRIKK MastiGum®

BRIKK MastiGum®

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The secret of an attractive jawline and strong health of the ancient Greeks



Shapes the appearance of the face and jaw

✅ Freshens breath and cleans teeth

✅ Supports digestion

Thanks to its up to 10x hardness and l durability of up to 4 hours, MastiGum® effectively strengthens and shapes the jaw muscles.
Chewing stimulates the growth of the jaw and facial muscles. 

MastiGum® can visibly change the structure of the face in just a few weeks.


MastiGum® is not just ordinary chewing gum. MastiGum® is 100% natural and made from hand-picked pieces of mastic resin directly from the Greek island of Chios. Unlike other resins, it doesn't stick, allowing for a comfortable and effective workout.

The history of mastic resin dates back to the times of ancient Egypt. However, it gained popularity thanks to the ancient Greek empire’s warriors, philosophers, and influential rulers, who used it as a natural gum.

MastiGum® will also surprise you with its gentle, natural taste. It combines subtle tones of pine needles and lavender flowers with a hint of chamomile tones.


Try MastiGum® and reveal the hidden potential of your jawline!

Health and cosmetic benefits

Improves facial structure

MastiGum® improves facial appearance, defines the jawline and facial features, and widens the airways in just 1-3 months.

Optimize the look and health of your face and jawline - a guide backed by science and evolution

Supports digestion and digestive tract

MastiGum® supports the normal function of the digestive tract. Studies state that it can help with bloating, abdominal pain, heartburn, IBD, gastritis, and more.

Cleans teeth, promotes gum and dental health, freshens breath

Just 15 minutes of chewing MastiGum® significantly reduces bacteria in the oral cavity. Effectively cleans teeth of food debris and plaque. Stimulates saliva production, contributing considerably to tooth enamel's remineralization, reducing the risk of tooth decay.

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and Powerful antioxidant properties

Potentially has many other positive effects on human health, but we cannot list these based on the European Parliament's provisions. For more information, please consult external sources. Thank you for your understanding.

Resources: HubermanLAB, Healthline, MedicalNewsToday, NIH - NCBI

Why should I train my jaw muscles?

Our modern diet, which mainly consists of soft and processed foods, doesn't give enough stimulation to our chewing muscles.

As a result, these muscles don't develop properly, leading to health problems and a less attractive appearance of the face and jaw.

However, recent research shows that jaw muscle training can have many benefits.

It can widen the airway and upper jaw, improve tooth orientation, and enhance facial appearance.

To learn more about this topic, check out our informative article.

Package contents and origin

Composition: 100% finest mastic pistacia lentiscus l. tree resin of the highest hardness

Origin: Greece, the island of Chios.

Weight (brutto): 25g

Weight (netto): 20g

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        MastiGum® is not a medicine, drug, or medical device. Nor is it a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep the product out of the reach of children. Please be aware of the possible risk of choking. In case of any health problems, consult with a doctor.

        Why choose MastiGum®

        How does MastiGum® compare to other chewing gums and resins? 

        Most chewing gums contain harmful microplastics, PVC, sugar, aspartame, and other artificial ingredients that harm your health. They don’t effectively exercise your jaw muscles because they lack hardness. 

        Other chewing resins may be sticky and contain unwanted additives and artificial flavors. However, MastiGum® truly stands out for its superior quality. 

        MastiGum® is made only with the hardest, purest, and highest-quality pieces of organic mastic resin. Our team is making a great effort to reduce the presence of soft, sticky pieces. 

        By choosing MastiGum®, you will not only enjoy a satisfying jaw muscle exercise experience but also benefit from improved oral health, fresh breath, and better digestion. 

        By choosing MastiGum®, you are selecting a product of exceptional quality and making a wise decision for your health. Investing in your well-being is essential, and MastiGum® will help you achieve this goal.

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